Asking God for money is not the best use of prayer

climegaads / August 19, 2017

Asking God for money is not the best use of prayer.. ask for opportunities.. ask for your eyes to be open to his wisdom to understand the best moves to make for tomorrow.. God defined himself as the beginning and the end, the first and the last right.. That means if he was at the beginning, and at the end.. that means he knows every event that will lead up to the end..
Here’s why I say this.. 5 years ago I was invited to a bitcoin conference in NewYork.. and in this conference they were giving out 50 bitcoins to each participant that pays the $1000 registration fee for the main conference.. at that time one bitcoin was $11.53.. In my heart, I was like what is bitcoin? Kor crypto currency.. so I did not pay $1,000 for the conference and I did not get 50BTC.. fast forward to now.. one bitcoin is now worth $4500.. that means if I jejely paid $1000 then I could have had $200,000 in my account today(5yrs later) or I could have even bought more bitcoins.. I’ve felt bad a bit.. but hey it’s life.. opportunities come to us each day, we miss some.. our prayer should be for wisdom to enable us know which opportunity is right.. One secret of God many Christians don’t know is – God positions his children in places of opportunity.. The question is: Can we see the opportunity??
“The future belongs to those that can predict it” However, if you can’t predict the future, create one.. only lazy Christians ask God for Money.. Money responds to Wisdom.. Solomon is still considered the richest man that ever lived.. if God is at the end.. then why don’t you ask him for the blueprints of tomorrow.. we step on sand each day, until someone shows up and tells us that sand can be converted to Gold dust, etc.. #selah .. I am totally unamused when I see Christians do all this Multi level Marketing.. (I’m not saying you should not).. all I’m saying is:- is that the best business all the treasures of the wisdom of God that is residing inside of you could come with..